I hope you enjoy the website. Our first feature is the family "Gift Registry". Please add gift ideas throughout the year and we will always have an up to date gift registry. You can put an approximate price and even a website address for online ordering. The beauty of this registry is that when someone buys a gift from the list and adds their name and year purchased to the database, the gift will disappear from the list (no more wondering if someone else has already purchased it)! You can sort on Price or any other column by clicking the header. Gifts are also categorized so you can look at the "Gifts Received" tab and see, for instance, all the tools that Jack already has. There is even a "Thank You Note" tab that you can visit after the event and print out to see who bought you which gifts (complete with checkboxes to track who you've written). If you want more people added or new categories, just let me know! And remember, NO PEEKING at the gifts received tab for yourself or you'll spoil the surprise!!!!